This subscription has expired!  Renew Now!

Those were words that used to strike horror into any magazine reader.  Soon, you would no longer being enjoying your monthly fix of great personalities, other worlds, and unique viewpoints.  For me, those subscriptions were magazines like Omni, Ellery Queen, and Popular Science.  I’d bug my parents to renew the subscriptions immediately.  There was no way I wanted to miss a mystery story, or to fall behind in the newest scientific achievements, or risk missing out on a great interview.  This was back in the 80’s, when I was a teen, and there wasn’t a plethora of information available at your fingertips by way of the Internet.

Now, fast forwarding to modern day, all that information, all those stories, all those personalities are available on my computer or my smart phone.  One might think the day of the magazine has already come and gone.  It’s not your subscription that’s expired:  it’s the subscription of relevance for magazines that has expired.  Why should a print magazine continue to exist in this day and age?

Residential Aliens has expired.  Well, actually, it sort of expired back in December, 2012.  It went on hiatus, and was to return sometime in mid-2013.  And now, it’s been renewed: this time under a new owner (Midnight Ryder Technologies) and a new editor.  Lyndon Perry isn’t leaving, though, he will remain with us as the Founding Editor – watch for contributions from him from time to time!

I know – I didn’t answer the question:  why is Residential Aliens still relevant?  It’s the people that contribute that have made Residential Aliens relevant, and will continue to make it relevant.  The authors make this place unique – it’s often a jumping off point for new authors, or a way for existing authors to extend themselves into new fan bases, and Residential Aliens has always benefitted from that.  Our relevance isn’t the magazine it’s self, it’s the stories: speculative fiction with a spiritual edge.  It’s not easy to find a place like Residential Aliens with that sort of focus, a niche where people expect just a little more from what they read.

Residential Aliens will continue here on the website as magazine.  Additionally, we still plan on printing new Residential Aliens Anthologies, though there’s no set schedule for publication just yet.  We know we’ve taken over something special, and we’re being very careful not to do anything dumb with it.

So, over the next month or so, expect to see some changes to Residential Aliens.  The Managing Editor will be announced in November.  We’re hoping to possibly have a new issue out in late December, or even early January.  Part of that depends on us getting everything in order, and part of it depends on the submission of new, great speculative fiction stories!

We hope you’ve enjoyed your time reading Residential Aliens previously.  And we hope you renew your subscription – the subscription in your head to drop by from time to time to see what great new stories authors have given us to present to you!

Davis Ray Sickmon, Jr

Transition Editor,

Residential Aliens Magazine

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