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Issue 5.7 – Oct/Nov 2011

Featuring 5 new fictions this month, including a short story tie-in to the space opera novel, The Worker Prince by Bryan Thomas Schmidt. This new release is published by the good folks at Diminished Media Group, and is, in fact, […]

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Rivalry on the Sky Course

by Bryan Thomas Schmidt BEEP! BEEP! The alarm on the targeting computer of his VS28 starfighter filled Davi Rhii’s ears. He glanced down to see several blips had appeared. “Incoming enemy craft,” he announced into the comm channel then switched […]

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Brother Silence

by Karina Fabian I tried to put on my humble face as the doors to the monastery grounds opened. “Don’t suppose you’d take back a prodigal son?” I asked the novice serving as gatekeeper. His eyes widened to see a […]

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The Old Magician’s Club

by Louis N. Gruber Three elderly gentlemen in formal wear shuffled into The Happy Hotcake, paused as if posing for photographers, bowed slightly to the other diners, and moved to their seats around a square table. One wore a silk […]

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The Fletcher’s Daughter

by Jeff Chapman “It’s not fair,” said the Princess Desriella through clenched teeth, “that a hired girl should go in my stead.” Desriella thumped the arm of her chair. Her left foot rested on three pillows piled atop a footstool […]

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Freedom of Movement

by Steven Saus Allaya straightens the cool pearls about her neck, then runs her dark hands down the stiff pink dress. A glance and sniff at the stove assures her that the ham is almost finished. Her lips arc into […]

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