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Some Assembly Required

by T. M. Hunter “So, Jeanie, where are we?” My ship’s computer responded. “I am trying to pinpoint our location. Our navigation modules are knocked out.” “So we’re lost.” As was often the case, I’d gotten myself in this mess […]

Vol 5 - No 5| Comments: 4


by T. M. Hunter Life is all about choices. Sadly, I end up making a lot of poor ones. My decisions to trust attractive female smugglers, for example, were usually legendary in caliber. I looked around the tiny cell, squatting […]

Volume 4 - Issue 7| Comments: 8


by T. M. Hunter “So, Saul, what is it?” His gravelly voice made my neck hairs stand on end. “The contents are none of your concern.” I reached out to the blue cargo container, placed my hand on a horizontal […]

Volume 3 - Issue 5| Comments: 3