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October/November at ResAliens

It’s October/November-Fest here at Residential Aliens, which means another great round of SF/F variety awaits your consumption. Read, eat, drink, be merry, and enjoy the following stories. Silence of the Imbeciles by John C. Conway The Light in Everything by […]

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Fear & Trembling Magazine

Did you know we have a sister publication? Fear and Trembling Magazine features horror and suspense with a spiritual twist. Now, not every story will have a spiritual element, but you’ll find intelligent fiction that touches on eternal themes. On […]

September at ResAliens

The seasons are changing! It’s almost “fall,” so we’re glad you “stumbled” upon a new issue of Residential Aliens (groan). To celebrate the transition from summer to autumn, half the issue is SF and the other half is spiritual suspense, […]

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Hotter Than July

This month’s issue is hot…off the press. And I think you’ll discover that these stories are sizzling works of fiction as well. In our July offerings, you’ll find a bit of steampunk flash, zombie goodness, speculative parable, literary western, and […]

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We’re Back!

Sorry for the hiatus. Life. But now that we’re back, check out this month’s offerings (June 2012): + A weird western by Jeffery T. Ford, “A Blue Ending” + A slightly odd horror by Stoney M. Setzer, “Vultura Returns…Again” + […]

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